Who talks about me?


Here are some articles or videos that talk about me and my work


 "La verdad" Newspaper Cover 
Sunday 9th of march 2014


Emergent Talents for Murcia Fashion Week 2014
 Harper's Bazaar July 2011


Illustration for Natalia Vodianova's Love Ball when I worked at Vivienne's Westwood
 "El Pais Talentos" Cultural Section 
Sunday 19th march 2010


El Pais publishes a cultural supplement every Sunday 

Web and more

 "Murcia Visual"


Illustration talent 2010, the talk about me in a Design Bolg 
 "Illustration Workshop"University of Montevideo, Uruguay
 December 2013


Teachin Fashion Illustration at the University
 "Murcia Visual"


Talking about my education and my period at Vivienne Westwood January, 2013
"The Cover's Making Off and a Video interview" at "La verdad"


All the pictures of the "Making off" and a video interivew
 Video Resume from the Murcia Fashion Week 2014


Resume of all the fashion shows


An amazing Fasion Bolg was interested by my work and asked me for an interview,
January 2015


This interview is moore about the sens of illustration,
February 2015


 Radio interview "Onda Regional"
26 february 2014


I was interviewed regarding the Murcia Fashion Week 
 Radio interview "Rom Radio"
7th march 2014


I was interviewed regarding the Murcia Fashion Week